Our professional team pitched Zydus Cadila, an India-based MNC pharmaceutical company, to build an app that helps people to verify their medicines or injections with a unique code to prevent from counterfeit drugs. Considering that India has a huge market for fake medication, i.e., around 30%, we pitched this concept to our client to solve this issue by creating an innovative app using the latest technologies. Our client was pretty impressed with this concept and agreed to develop an app with us called ‘Zydus Verify.’ This app authenticates your app with a scratch code on the medicine packaging in a few simple steps. This app helps people get rid of fake medicines and consume genuine ones.

Steps To Verify

Steps to Verify Your Medicines/Injections From Zydus.

1. Register/Login

This is the first step to sign up or log into your app. Here, the user must provide their valid contact number, where they will receive an OTP. It should be noted that this app is valid in India only, so the users must provide an Indian number only.

2. Enter Your OTP

The next step is to enter the OTP number that the users will receive on their mobile once they enter their phone number. The OPT will expire within 3 minutes, so the users must enter the OTP within that time frame.

3. Scratch to Verify Your Medicine/Injection

This is the final step. Here, the user must enter the scratch code placed on the medicine packaging to authenticate the medicine. This will tell them if the medicine is genuine or fake. It will also inform them if they already used that code or it’s used by someone else.

4. Authenticate Your Medicine

If the entered code is valid, a success pop-up will appear. And if it’s not valid, a failure pop-up will appear. It aims to inform you if the medicine or injection is genuine or not.

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