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App Overview

Are you worried about your vocal sound? Vocal Coach app helps you to do your regular vocal exercise and warm up with a celebrity vocal coach. Whether you are a bedroom singer or a professional singer, a Vocal Coach is an app for you! This app will help you develop your voice with warm-up and development exercises using high quality produced backing tacks and tutorial video. You can choose your difficulty level from easy, medium, and hard to go at your own pace. In this app, users can select their favorite exercises and build their own workout sets.

Client Requirement

Our client is a celebrity vocal coach from the UK, having 20+ years of experience in the industry. She got an idea about an app that helps all singers develop their voice with warm-up and development exercises. She wants to help all singers based on everything she learned during her industry journey as a celebrity vocal coach. She contacted SwissCode to build a solution for her, and we make the Vocal Coach app for Android and iOS both platforms.

Colors & Typography


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  • You can log in by using email & password. After login, you will redirect to the home screen.
  • Sign up with primary details..


  • From the Home screen, you can find three types of tutorials list.
      1) Exercise,
      2) Warm Up
      3) Vocal Health
  • In Exercise and Warm-up details, users find a tutorial video and can play audio if it is necessary as a tutorial in their list.
  • In Vocal health, the user can find the details of tutorial information.


  • When the user taps on the plus section, then popup arises, and after selecting it, the user redirects to the home tab, and the home page gets included with the tutorial videos as their lists.
  • When a user swipe rights, then an option deletes arises to delete the tutorial from the list created.


  • In this tab, the user can select no days of the week, so it helps the user track the workouts and know the days remaining to work out.


  • In this screen, users can view instructor images and info and follow the app's Instagram page.
  • Logout: On tap of log out, you will navigate to the login screen.

Admin Panel Features

User Management:

  • Admin can get a listing of all register users from the app & website.
  • Edit and delete users’ basic profile details
  • Display users details
  • Search/sort any register users
  • Active/Inactive user
  • Export all register users in excel file

Logged Users

  • Logging user


  • Add Tutorial of three types.
  • Listing all the tutorial
  • Edit tutorials
  • View tutorials
  • List of all tutorial
  • Add or edit a tutorial video
  • Add or edit tutorial audio
  • Add or edit tutorial description
  • Admin can change the display order
  • Active/inactive tutorial

App Content

  • Admin can manage Privacy policy and Terms and conditions.

Challenges & Solution

This app’s concept is a fantastic idea, and the client needed to complete it within a few days and in a quality response. Hence, the client approached the trusted company, SwissCode, to develop such a concept as an app. The SwissCode made an effort to develop an app with clients’ requirements and faced few hurdles like improving the video quality with speed as the client provided us 200 MB videos, and that took too much time to load into the app. So, we made a video algorithm that compresses that video without using video quality.


iOS OS Support: iOS 10.0 to 13

Development: Swift using Xcode

Android OS Support: Android 5.0 to 8.0

Development: Java/Kotlin using Android Studio