Tata Power

About Client

Tata Power Limited is an Indian electric utility company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and is part of the Tata Group founded in 1919. The company’s core business is to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity. Tata Power is India’s largest integrated power company with an installed electricity generation capacity of 10,577 MW. Currently, more than 10000 employees are actively working in the organization.

Client Requirements

TPSDI recently launched “TVAS,” an online platform to offer its programs via online mediums. Therefore, the client wished to create an online platform where users can get all the information about TPSDI’s profile, contact information, training hubs, etc. This app primarily aims to deliver information about the online courses, future webinars with registration links. They also wanted to include a video list for past webinars and notify users of future events, webinars, and courses. Thus, the client approached SwissCode with this unique idea to create an online platform to deliver users with all the real-time information within minutes. Our SwissCode’s team turn this idea into reality. The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms as per the client’s wishes.


Tata Power


  • Register using essential details like the first name, last name, email, mobile number, password, etc.

  • You can also signup using Apple, Google, or Facebook.


  • Log in with email and password.

  • You can also log in with Apple, Google, or Facebook.

Log in

Users can enter the OTP from their emails for email verification.

Leadership Team

Users can view all the leadership team members.

Training Hubs

Users can find all the training hub details.

Facilities @TPSDI

Users can find all the facilities list with images provided by TPSDI.


Users can view all the upcoming and past webinar list with webinar details, registration link. Moreover, users can also watch past webinar video.

Online Courses

In this section, users can view all the available online course list with course details.

Forgot Password

OTP will be sent to the user’s registered email address to verify their account and give a password reset option.

About Us

On Users can view all the information about TPSDI like profile, training approach, customer speaks, awards & recognition, etc.

Gift Store

Users can redeem their points from the gift store. The gift will be delivered to the address or can pick up from nearby gift centers by the user’s choice.

TPSDI Offerings

Users can view all the TPSDI training offer details for corporate, engineering students & skill development programs with images.

Contact Us

Users can find all the contact information for all training hubs.


Users can watch all the videos of TPSDI life.


In this section, users can manage their account like change password, edit profile, red disclaimer & privacy policy, and share the application with friends.


Users can get all the notifications for upcoming events, webinars, and courses.

More Screens

Admin panel


Admin can login with their Email and Password.


  • Admin can see live number counts of users, number of webinars, and number of courses. Admin can manage users, webinars, courses, training metrics, and notifications from the dashboard.

  • Admin can also change their password after login.


  • Admin can navigate the users from the navigation panel, and the user list will be displayed. Admin can view specific user details by clicking the eye icon in the list.

  • Admin can delete, activate/deactivate from the list.


  • Admin can view a webinar list and specific webinar details by clicking the eye icon in the list and delete a particular webinar by clicking the trash icon in the list.

  • Admin can add new webinars, edit webinars, and complete specific webinars.


  • Admin can view the course list and specific course details by clicking the eye icon in the list and delete particular courses by clicking the trash icon in the list.

  • Admin can add new courses and edit courses.

Training Metrics

  • Admin can view the training metric list and specific training metric details by clicking the eye icon in the list and deleting a particular training metric by clicking the trash icon.

  • Admin can add new training metrics, edit webinars, and delete particular training metrics.


Admin can send notifications from this page.

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For Customers

Project Approach & Results

Looking at the client’s expectations, our Swiss Code team designed the app as per their requirements. We designed a thorough document list that included all the points and scenarios, created flowcharts and SRS.

After completing the documentation and diagram process, we began working on a design phase. We assigned a designer and one senior UI/UX designer to work on this.

Once designs got approved by the client, we began working on the development phase. Just replace this with the one I send. Before starting the development, we chose the tech stack for building the app and admin panel. We chose native technology swift for iOS development & Kotlin for Android and used JSON-based rest API development with PHP & Laravel Framework.

Our skilled developers also created one admin panel to manage users, webinars, courses, etc., using Angular 9.

After the development phase, we began the testing phase and deployment, where we tested all the app modules and began processing the deployment process.


1. Data Info, Images, & Video Management

The app’s primary feature is to provide all types of information, such as details about the TPSDI profile, facility details, training center details, etc. The app also gives all the pictures with the video associated with each detail to understand easily. The main challenge was to manage all the information and display a vast number of images that users could easily find and smoothly use the app. Our expert developers handled such massive data by implementing some compressing and custom algorithms.

2. Multiple Oauth Implementation

Oauth is implemented for the app to authenticate the API request. We needed multiple Oauth implementations, one for APP, and the rest for admin. It was a challenging task to validate and destroy the token separately. However, we implemented one algorithm to resolve this issue and thus managed authentication.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements
at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.