Funny Video Creation

T75 APP is the newest app for short funny videos! You can find the most exciting, funny, magic videos on the T75 app-this is the platform where you can express yourself and connect with the content you love. Create your amazing videos, upload them on the T75 app, and reach out to your audience in a blink. It provides the platform to share your videos with amazing filters and customizable background music. Users can watch and create duets and share with others. One can express their emotions with heart and likes. Videos can be directly shared with others or can be saved locally to the device. Reward earning can be accessible by just watching the video; every minute of watching can provide a coin that can be redeemed to the wallet and later transferred to the bank. Users can check for other people’s videos around them and get updated videos based on trending hashtags. To get the latest from people, users can follow their profile. Ongoing live streams around us can be listed and joined from the home page. One can share a live stream or can schedule to start later. T75 App is India’s short videos and public local informative app – a remarkable new stage to show your burning talent and share your issue and local information to the world out there.

Client Requirements

Every kind of social thing likes to share information; for text, there is one particular app. But for visual sharing, users still need some unique type of app that helps to entertain highly. Millions of people were using TikTok. This type of app drives a lot of traffic, which is why our client wanted to make a short video app where the app enables its every move and wins over a broad range of famous businesses worldwide with its income and engagement figures. The client approached our company with his unique idea. Proper team management and constant communication with the client enabled SwissCode to develop the T75 app successfully. This app allows users to enjoy countless original entertainment, including standup comedy videos, videos photos with funny greetings & wishes, and make yourself go viral worldwide. So, download now!


T75 online short video making app features.


  • The user can sign up by providing details like name, email, phone number, city, state, etc.

  • A social platform is used to fetch and fill in the required information.

  • Users can log in by entering their phone numbers.

  • Users can preview the app as guests without using a login.


Users can update the short description (Bio), profile, name, email, and city and state under the profile.

Forgot Password

Users can retrieve lost accounts using mobile or email used for registration.

Watch Video Listing

Users can view video Listing as three different category

  • Following: Video from follower are listed in this section.

  • Local: Video base on city/region base on user area is listed.

  • Entertainment: Videos based on popularity are shown.

Users can view video Listing as three different category.

Invite Friends

Users can invite other to watch, download and create duet and mark favorite and report.


  • One-to-one conversation can be conducted with the app user.

  • Chat support text and emojis.

Discover videos from endless categories

  • The most famous user and hashtag videos are listed under discover.

  • Users can check for other users and videos uploaded.

  • Users can search for trending hashtags and user videos.

Create Post

  • Users can select the video of max 1 min from the gallery or capture using the device camera.

  • Video can be edited using a color filter, speed, and add text/emojis.

  • Tag/Description with private/local/public section is provided.

Reward/Earning Program

  • Users earn one coin to watch a video every minute.

  • Every uploaded video viewed will earn one coin for two min watch.

  • Earning status can be viewed under engagement status.

  • Coins earned can be redeemed to account added.

Duet Video

Users can duet and share as a post.

Music Module

  • Audio from the device and server can be used for background music in the video.

  • Background music used in the video can be used directly to create a video, and also listings of similar videos can be seen.

More Screens

Admin panel

Admin functionalities to enhances the user experience.


Here, the admin can view total users; total reported profiles, total cash withdrawal, total heart, total sound category, total sound playlist.

Users Management

Admin can edit their profile phone number, country, state, city, password, profile image, cover image, email, name, bio, etc.

Cash Withdrawal Management

Admin can view a list of withdrawing in/out requests, and the admin can accept/reject the withdrawal.

Hearts Manage

  • Admin can view a list of hearts, images, names, and coins.

  • Admin can add/edit hearts, and users can buy their app.

Sound Category Management

Admin can add/edit/delete sound categories and also add category playlists.

Reported Profile

Admin can view reported user-profiles and also inactive user profiles.


Admin can view past send notifications and also add notifications for particular users or all users.

CMS Pages Management

Admin can edit the page concepts, FAQs, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition, About Us.

Change Password

Admin can change the password for the admin panel.




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Color Palette


To Manage Combination of Video and Ads Listing

Users can view a combination of video and ad as per app functionality, but managing this smoothly was tough for us. But after team discussion and research, we managed multiple views for video ads and streaming video arranged, and based on ads availability, we logically integrated them into a list.

To Manage Video Filter And Quality

The app’s primary feature is to update raw video filters, playback speed, and music while maintaining good quality was a little bit tough as the quality of the video is a must. Our expert developers handled this challenge using updated raw values and delivered top-notch quality videos with new filters and music.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client
requirements at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.