Ethereum is an open-source blockchain tech and is the second most famous cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Its computing  facilitates developers to build and deploy decentralized apps (not run by centralized authority). This blockchain was founded in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian programmer. SwissCode has created a verification technology based on blockchain technology that uses Ethereum to verify the precious stones for our South African-based client’s company.

Client Requirements

Our South African-based client wanted a system that verifies the precious stones, such as their origin, weight, type, and whether they are ethically mined. With this concept, he approached the HData System to build a robust and secure solution using blockchain technology to verify their precious stones, such as diamonds. Therefore, keeping this in mind, our team developed a powerful verification system based on the ethereum blockchain. All you need to do is scan the QR code placed on the precious stone certificate to retrieve the information such as the stone’s origin, carat information, and mining process.


Using the robust blockchain technology, our team succeeded in creating a website to verify the precious stone.

Our team used NodeJS and AngularJS to create a website for our client’s.

We used Solidity language to create a smart contract to meet our client’s requirements.

Using top-notch technologies, we created a robust and secure system based on the ethereum blockchain to help customers know where the precious stones originate and whether they are ethical mined (e.g., child labor).


Our client wanted a top-notch security system that no one could control. They wanted a decentralized solution which even they couldn’t modify.

They asked for an easy-to-use system so that their customers can use it without entering any credentials. This demand was met using a QR code simply by scanning the barcode placed on the certificate; the customers can get all the information related to the precious stone.


This blockchain tech enabled our client’s customer to verify the stones very easily, delivering a smooth user experience.

Our latest technologies ensured a seamless UI and a secured solution.

Technology Stacks

Technology Stacks