Poker is a card game wherein the player bets on the hand that they have got. And according to Poker’s rules, if the player has the highest hand, he/she is declared the winner, and in exchange, they win money. Another trick is to win by bluffing.

Poker isn’t just about winning the pot but also about giving when required. This trick is used by many pro players, as they will raise the bet repeatedly, forcing the other players to think that they have the biggest hand, even though they don’t. This is how one can win even when they don’t have the best hand. Imagine simple tricks can make you win!

Client Requirements

Being an expert poker player, our client observed that modern online Poker games lack some essential features. He wanted to develop an interactive poker game that brings back memories and reduces the burden in this modern world.

To fulfill this need, he searches for a well-experienced mobile app development company. And he contacted SwissCode for his idea to build a robust poker app enhanced with unique features and providing players a real-time poker playing experience.

How To Play Poker?

Poker is a game where you can play with two or more players. The game begins when all players put the boot money in between. The boot money is the money to initiate the game and have the cards. Once everyone has the cards, they can play blind or even bet after seeing their cards. Another alternative is to fold if the player doesn't have good cards.

Everyone will keep on betting, and there will be a showdown. They will be forced to show their cards. The person with the highest hand wins, and they will get the pot money.

Features of Poker Game Development

Holdem Poker

Our online game solution features poker variation to help you join with those who love to play Holdem poker.

5 Card Omaha

We also provide the best solutions for 5 Card Omaha players compatible with all kinds of virtual devices.


Our gaming experts also develop customized and flexible Pot-Limit Omaha solutions at SwissCode to let you earn PLO lovers.

Sit & Go

SwissCode developed the most advanced-tech solutions for the Sit & Go variation of poker games for all virtual gaming devices.

Poker Tournaments

Online poker game app solutions offered by SwissCode come with a tournaments feature, allowing operators to organize their dedicated tournaments.


We also offer an Open Face Chinese (OFC) Poker solution for mobile, web, and desktop devices.

Payment Security

Poker game app solutions provided by us use the top payment security technologies, so the players never have to stress their wager money.

Anti Fraud System

Our game comes with the top anti-fraud systems to guarantee peace for the players & operators, to restrict any game fraud.

Rewards & Loyalty

The rewards & loyalty feature permits game businesses to launch their dedicated rewards and loyalty campaigns, increasing engagement.

RNG Certified Games

The games built by our gaming professionals are RNG certified and foster random number generation for transparent gaming.

Responsible Gaming

Our poker solutions indeed ensure user privacy and data security so that customers can enjoy the games carefreely.

Back Office & CRM

Our developed app is user-friendly backend management systems and CRM access so that managing the gaming business becomes easy for operators.

Betting Functionalities In Poker Game Development


If you think that you don't have good cards, you can fold to waive the game.


This means to skip your chance to the next player without paying any amount, which is possible only if no bet is made.

Check & Fold

Check & fold means that if possible, you want to check, and if not, you want to fold.


This one is used to raise the amount of bet that can place. Once your raise, all the players can pay the amount you paid or even more.


If a player has placed a bet, you can call to pay the same amount to resume playing the game.


A player can bet if no other player has bet during the current round. After a bet is made, other players must call or raise to remain in the game.


All-in can be used to place a bet even if you do not have enough chips; the other players will continue playing in a separate pot while you will still be in the game.


The challenge was developing a mobile gaming app that allowed the users to maintain and share their details about a poker game on social media. This app will explain the characteristics of poker games and enable a user to add poker rooms and sessions. We used the latest advances in technology to ensure that the app was of the highest industry standards and compatible with all iOS and Android OS devices.

User Experience

Our UI and UX experts collaborated their skills and experience to improve the player experience, encouraging repetitive plays.

Technology Used For Poker Game

Technology Used For Poker Game