An Emotional Media App

To be the pulse of everything you’re passionate about

Phanziety is a free and user-friendly app representing the collective view of how we feel before, during, and after all entertaining events such as TV shows, sports, movies, vacations, special moments throughout the year, and much more. You can save all your favorite events to your profile and allow Phanziety to track them for you. When it’s time to join the event, let the world know how you feel by spinning the emotion wheel. Earn coins by participating in every event to customize your wheel. Now’s your moment to say how you feel, save time by seeing how fans react to similar interests instead of reading long-winded reviews, and no longer feel like you’re the only phan who feels that way.

Client Requirements

Our client believes that expression is a part of every ‘Phan,’ a vital instrument in what makes you unique when shared; a camaraderie is forged that transcends infinitely. Whether your passion is sports, movies, or a television series, Phanziety brings you together. So he wanted to make an online and single platform to post emoji feelings and share feelings with friends in one app. The client approached SwissCode with this unique concept to create an online platform that shows events to users. And users can post their feelings in emojis towards that. SwissCode has met the client’s needs successfully. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.


Phanziety a social media app features.


Users can save all their favorite things to their user profiles.

Find Events

  • Sports – Pro & college teams

  • Movies/TV – In theaters, coming soon, all networks

  • Politics – Debates, elections, news

  • Special Events – Anything that falls outside the other categories


Users can save all their favorite things to their user profiles.


It contains lists of categories, and for categories, it contains a list of subcategories within categories. So users can filter out the events Subcategory wise.


Users will get notified before their favorite event begins


Users can take selfies or upload images to customize their emotion wheel.


Users can earn coins to unlock the wheel or collect to use in future updates.

More Screens

Admin panel

Admin functionalities to enhances the user experience.

Users Management

  • Customer listing.

  • Add, View and edit user details.

  • Active/passive user details.

Category Management

  • View category listing.

  • Add, edit, delete, and active/inactive main category.

  • Add, edit, delete, and active/passive Subcategory.

  • Add, edit, delete, and active/inactive list under a subcategory.

Event management

  • View event listing.

  • Add, edit, delete, and active/inactive events.

  • Admin can filter listing according to date, category and search by name.



SF Pro Display

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

Color Palette


1. To Manage Feeling Circle wheel

It is a wheel that contains different emoji inside it, describing a different mood. Users can scroll it in a circular motion and stop it at the emoji that the user wants to submit or click on the emoji that the user wants to submit. It was a bit tough to manage this, but after team discussion & research, our team has successfully developed this.

2. To Manage Event Detail Screen

Users can see its favorite team or movies or any other events emoji that he submitted. Parallelly users can also view how their team does based on emoji Trending. Again, it was kind of tough to do this, but our team has successfully done this functionality after research and analysis.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements
at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.