Pet Universe

Client Requirements

The Metaverse is bringing the world together more than ever starting from attending the virtual concert to participating in an art exhibition while staying in their own room in the USA. The client wanted to provide a play and earn gaming experience through Metaverse. The client wanted users to register themselves and pick their pets that can play battles and earn tokens. Users can also choose to go for a free-roam arena where users can roam around with their pets. Apart from that, the users can also choose their style by purchasing their outfits and accessories from the marketplace.

Users can also groom their pets and choose their accessories from the pet universe marketplace. Along with that users can buy different pets, groom them and put them on the marketplace to sell to earn tokens. Users can use the earned token in the marketplace or even in pet battles.

Pet Universe - Features

Create Account

Users can register themselves by providing information like name, username and password. Or users can integrate their Google, Facebook or Apple accounts. The system will send a confirmation email on the registered email accompanied with the login details for the authentication process.


Users can log in to the platform using the user ID and password they have set at the time of sign-in up on Pet Universe.

Battle Arena

Users can choose to go for a Battle mode where users will be at the Arena where they can earn tokens through Pet fight.

Free Roam

Users can choose their pet and roam around anywhere they want, they can track down the distance they have covered.

Battle Mode

Users can choose their battle area, their pet and they can choose their level from easy, medium or high. They can enhance their level by winning the battle tournaments along with earning tokens.


Users can change their style by purchasing hats, tops, glasses Footwear and so on from Pet Universe Marketplace. Users can purchase from the marketplace through the earned tokens or via digital currency like Matic.


Users can get four pet options to choose from for free. Users can purchase any other pet through tokens after winning certain levels.

Pet Profile

Users can have all the needed information about the pet from pet profiles such as weight, age, height, battle speed, levels they have to pass to buy the pet and so on.


Users can create and participate in different pet events happening on the Pet Universe such as pet shows, Summer fest, Puppies run and so on. Users can pay for the fees from their digital blockchain-based wallet or through earned tokens.

Home and Feed Post

Users can view and manage the pet activities they have created and are about to attend. They can follow other users to view their interests and activities. The feed will showcase everything that users will share about their achievements on Pet Universe or events they have attended on Pet Universe.

Followers/ Following

The platform also allows users to view the list of their followers and following.

Pet Grooming

Users can groom their pets, purchase different pet clothes and accessories from the marketplace and can put them on sell for other users to buy.


Users can get every notification regarding the upcoming events, the battle invites, level upgrades and so on.




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Color Palette

Project Approach & Results

As we are aware, Metaverse is not easy to work with and combining it with cryptocurrency was the biggest challenge for us. It always encounters problems like simulating real-world gaming experience on the virtual platform, accurate 3D avatar creation, aging the pets as they grow, user satisfaction, creating battle arena etc. All these problems mandate a unique solution to provide an impeccable user experience. So the client approached SwissCode with this great idea to develop an accurate, secure and scalable Pet Universe metaverse.

So, our aim for developing this metaverse gaming platform was to provide a virtual platform for games to have pet battles with all the mentioned requirements using different frameworks and approaches to provide real-world simulation. To begin with, we created a file with the complete details covering all these points, scenarios, problems, flow charts, and SRS. After finalizing the document, Our metaverse designers started working on the platform designing phase. After getting approval on the final platform design, our metaverse developers move ahead with the development phase. The Metaverse developers started their development process by choosing the best-fit technology.

After the development phase, our QA team tested the metaverse platform before finally delivering it to the client.


1. Immersive Gaming Experience

The primary requirement was to provide an efficient blockchain gaming platform using Metaverse and NFT concepts. The metaverse works on a 3D avatar. Users can choose their 3D avatars or can customize them by buying the clothes and accessories from the marketplace through tokens. It was not an easy task. So our metaverse developers came up with the solution and tested it multiple times before implementing one for the platform. We have used blockchain technologies such as Meta Mask and various others to generate tokens and trigger smooth transactions around the globe.

2. Pet Battle Arena

Another application requirement that allows users to choose their pets and earn through the pet battle. Users can choose their own battle arena and pet and have a pet battle. Tracking down each user’s real-time moments and leveling them up was a crucial task. Our developers encounter the challenge of creating an algorithm for that that they resolved by developing a custom algorithm specifically for the Pet Universe.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements
at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.