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Client Requirements

The client wanted a social platform where users can stay connected with other users, like, share their activities on the profile, like and comment on the post. The main purpose of the mobile application was to feel people more connected no matter how far they lived. The client wanted a supportive online community where people could be in touch with everyone without geographic boundaries.


Exclusive features of The Net that makes the app stand out.

Create Account

Users can register themselves by providing essential details such as Name, Unique username, email address and password. The password should be at least 8+ characters long.


Users can log in to their account with their registered email address and password.

Forgot Password

Users will not log in to their accounts if they have forgotten their password or provided the wrong password. If the user wants to log in to an account, they must follow the forgot password process. User can provide their registered email address. The system will send a link to the mentioned email address, and the user can change the password by visiting the link.

App Sharing

Users can share the app link with other people. If the link receiver installs the mobile app through the shared app link, it will help the senders’ net worth.


At the home tab, users can see text, media, vlog posts other users (supporters for NET) have shared. You can like, comment, share and collect supports post. It will display the views supporters post has got till now.


You can collect the supports post. This feature allows you to promote the supporters. If you collect any post, it will display the original creator’s post on your profile. All the views from the user’s post will add the net worth of supports post through the collect feature.


This feature allows users to create text, media, vlogs that they can publish on their feed. The supports will be able to view, like, comment, share and collect the post.


Users can save and view the supporter’s post.


Users can create and save post data in the draft and post it later.


Users can search the trending hashtags, trending user profiles and explore the post of the last 24 hours. Users can also search supporters’ profiles, specific hashtags and explore them.

Chat streaks

Users can send chat moments to each other daily to keep the streaks alive.


Users can be in touch with other supporters. They can communicate with each other in private and create groups. Users can create communities with other supporters. Any supporter can join the community and communicate with other supporters. Users can view the chat moments and send them in private or group chat in my view.
The images and videos sent via private moments will disappear one hour from when you send them. Users can not share private chat moments with anyone.

Chat message ratings

Users can let the supporters know what type of conversation they are like to make them interesting. Users can change the chat or private messaging rating at any time.

Group chats

Group creators can add and delete the group admin. Group creators can decide who can enter the group chat and remove them. They can update the chat description, Change chat rating, and view the chat members. Group admin can add and remove the chat members, add admins, update the chat description. Group members can view other group members, leave the chat and report the chat.

Star – Daily Activity

Users can view daily activities like net worth, daily collects & likes of new supporters, non-supporters, unsupported and new posts of supporters.

User tags

The various tags such as Loyal, Legit and birthday tags represent Who has helped the users increase the network in the past 24 hours, the member who has collected (add or like) users’ posts in the past 24 hours and the member’s birthday, respectively. Users can mark the supporters as favorites and give them nicknames as well. Users can filter activities by nickname members & favorite supporters.


Users can form the club of support who they support and who support them. User clubs can help users to increase the action on their posts. Users can view and delete the club members.


Users can update the account type to the public, private and personal. Users can turn on/off the incognito mode. Other supporters can not view the users’ incognito mode activities.


Users can form the club of support who they support and who support them. User clubs can help users to increase the action on their posts. Users can view and delete the club members.

More Screens

Admin Panel

Admin functionalities to enhances the user experience.

User Management

Admin can activate, deactivate, view and delete the user profiles. Admin can manage, delete and deactivate the reported user account.

Post Management

Admin can view, delete and manage the reported posts.

Community Management

Admin can add, edit, delete and manage the community chats for different regions.

Push Notification Management

Admin can send push notifications to users for important announcements.

Colors & Typography



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For Customers


An image and video quality were one of the challenges as it can affect users’ net worth. The client wanted to provide the best quality that users can view and upload the content even with lower internet connectivity without affecting the quality. SwissCode app developers overcame every obstacle and delivered the result beyond the client’s expectations.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements
at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.