Ludo game is a kind of classic board game developed in the digital formation under cross-platform. It is designed for Android, and iOS users with simple and fun features, especially to bring back the golden memories without restriction. Players can play this game in online and offline mode with a group of members under certain conditions. They can also challenge their friends and other people on Facebook in multiplayer mode with enabling themes. Features like Group of players or Multiplayers can even chat and use emojis while playing, and still, exciting features are clubbed with this game for the players to increase the fun mode.

Steps And Options To Play Ludo!


Users can log in as a guest or also use the login option with Facebook.

An option called Play online will allow the user to play with someone who is in online mode. Players should select from classic or popular options, token color, number of players, and money to play in such mode.

Another option is for the friends who wish to play as a group. Such an option will create a private room to play with their friends.

Once a private room is all set, then should set an entry amount.

User & #39 will now get a code to share with friends and can join with respective players. The user or initiator can use Whatsapp, SMS, email, or any other app as the choice to send this code.

After all the members have joined, tap Play to start the game.

To get started, tap the dice for the turn.

The player must tap on the chat bubble over your avatar's head to chat with friends, write the message, and hit send. Users can also send funny emojis to each other with just one tap on the gift icon right above the respective friend & #39;s avatar.

Client Requirements

The client wants to develop an interactive Ludo game to bring back memories and reduce the burden in this modern world. Because these days people are mostly indoors and not considering any mind activities with fun like board game played in olden days. The importance of such games is to improve decision-making skills effectively.

Thus, the client decided to develop such a board game in a digital format with a simple design, known as Ludo. To make it more interactive, the client wants to develop the app in online mode with options for friends and someone to play as a group. And to increase the fun, the client also made to focus on chat and emojis options while playing as it will help improve the engagement within the players. To fulfill such a need, the client searched for a well-experienced app development company. Thus he approaches the top app development company called SwissCode to develop such an app with his requirement.

Features Of Ludo Game

Local and Online Multiplayer option.

2 to 6 Multiplayer Modes.

Multiplayer via 6 to 9 contending game rooms.

Invite Facebook Friends in the specific game room.

Levels And Rewards Earned Via Beating Friends.

Matches With World Players And Befriend Them Via Facebook.

Option To Sending Emoticons To The Opponent Players.

Snake and Ladders can be played via different game boards.

Features to Engage the Play Mode

Exemplary Graphics To Make It An Illustrious Game.

Sound/Mute Option

Auto Move Function.

Game History.

Selection Of Avatars.

Create A Private Table In Ludo Game.

Chat And Emojis

The Special Part Of Our Product Is That It Is A Third Party Game Portal.

Create a Room.

Add The Resulting Screenshot On The Platform.

User Will Set A Challenge.

Chip Deduction As Per The Challenge.

Share The Room Code Of The Set Challenge.

Modes of Ludo Game Development


This Is A Very Simple Mode. To Play Ludo, You Just Need A Friend, And You Can Simply Play It Using Computer Intelligence Mode.

Local Mode

Local Mode Allows You To Play Ludo With Your Friends And Family Who Can Be There By Using The Same Device.

Multi-player World-wide Mode

Multiplayer Mode Allows 2 To 6 People From Any Part Of The World.

Multi-player Private Mode

In This Mode, Users Can Play Against Multiplayer Who Can Be From Their Friends And Family.

Our Strategies To Make Ludo Game App

Multiplayer Feature

The last decade in the game industry has shown that the games that allow players to play with their friends online are on the top of the success ladder. So, SwissCode has employed the same here, where the players can play with their friends personally or with other players around the world online and play with the computer or with the friend on the same device offline. Offline Play is an extra booster that can get more eyeballs and improve user outreach.

Moved New Life into The Age-old Tradition

The Kings used to play the board game with their queens in the royal houses. It’s deeply integrated into India’s cultural lifestyle and even essentially played as an entertaining game by the kids. The simple rules and the feeling of homesickness are the major driving forces that have made people of all ages go crazy for the app and stay active. So SwissCode has developed a modern version or digital version that links the people with their past in the same way.

Technology And Solutions





Fabric iOS

Android Studio



Google Analytics

Google API

MEAN Stack

Mantis BT





swift iOS