Client Requirements

The client wanted a social networking mobile application allowing users to get to know and meet new people quickly and safely in different places such as discos, bars, pubs, libraries, museums, gyms, cinemas, and so on using their accurate location. Users can check in on the Flashmeet and send the connection requests to the other users and they can chat with each other after the significant other accepts the request. Users can list their business on Flashmeet to attract more users and can provide a QR code scanner that can help the users to check-in at a specific place.

The client wanted to set the algorithms that allow users to schedule their check-in in advance allowing the other users to know their time of arrival. Users can chat with each other as long as they stay at the place. The Flashmeet server automatically deletes the chat after an hour of checkout time. The Business can offer various discounts exclusive to Flashmeet users. Users can set their hobbies and define what they are looking for along with specifying who they would like to connect with. This allows other users to know more about you before sending the connection request.


Flashmeet – Meet New People In Flash.

Create Account

Users can register themselves by providing information like name, number, nickname, phone number, Email Address, nationality and password. Then, the system will send a confirmation code on the registered phone number for the authentication process.


Users can log in to the platform by providing login details such as registered email addresses and passwords.

User Profile Creation

Users can provide basic details about themselves such as hobbies, whom they would like to connect with, What is their purpose for using the platform, their eye color, hair color, profile pic, bio and whether they have been vaccinated or not.


Users can view the active Flashmeet users for their nearby location. Users can see the count of Flashmeet users who have already signed in for the nearby location along with the count of users who have scheduled their sign in for the next 48 hours along with the location details.


Users can check in to the place once they reach the place just by confirming their location or can search for the accurate check-in location. users can even scan the business QR code to check-in at the place.

Schedule Check-in

Premium users can schedule their check-in 48 hours in advance providing the location, date and time for their visit.

Connect Users

After successful sign-in users can view how many users are there at the specific place and even the list of users who have scheduled their visit.

User Profile

Users can check the other users’ profile details such as name, age, nationality, bio, hobbies, interests, body preferences, and who they would like to connect with before sending them the connection request.

Smooth Communication

Users can chat with each other right by sending texts, emojis, and images after accepting the connection request. The chats will get deleted automatically after an hour of signing out from the place.


Users can check and manage the notification about the connection request and about the messages they have received.

My Profile

Users can manage their profile, access deals, become premium members, change their language, manage blocked users, invite friends and generate the business QR code.

Business Listing

Users can list their business listing providing personal and business details such as name, logo, type of business, location, contact details and so on.

Add Deals

Users can add various deals for their business by providing the deal title, description and image.

manage the Deals

Users can edit or delete the previously listed deals.

QR Code

Users can generate their business QR code allowing users to check-in to their place to find other users and access the deals.

Referral code

Users can share the referral code or link with friends to get the premium membership for a significant time.

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Admin Panel Features

Manage User Profiles

Admin can add or delete the profiles manually. Along with that, Admin can block or report the user profiles.

Manage Business partners

Admins have to manually accept or reject the request of business partners to list their business on the platform.

User Subscription List

Admins can view the entire list of users who have bought the subscription plan of the platform.

Business Partners List

Admin have full access to business partners list. They can view the list and delete already registered business partners as well.

Platform Management

Admins have full authority to add, update or delete the content of about us, FAQs, terms and conditions as well as privacy policy of the platform.

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For Customers

Project Approach & Results

Various social networking mobile applications allow users to connect with the users but Flashmeet is unique in providing the users to connect with nearby users based on their check-in locations.

So, our aim for developing the mobile application was to provide an enhanced user experience providing them with a platform to connect through their GPS navigation. To begin with, we analyzed the concept hypothetically and created a file with the complete details covering all these points, diagrams, scenarios, problems, flow charts, and SRS for the entire workflow and planned the App development process. After finalizing the document, In the third phase, based on the client’s requirements and our findings, we defined Mobile App architectures for Flashmeet Mobile App. After that, Our Mobile app designers started working on the prepared mobile app wire-frames and Application design. After getting approval on the final app design, our app developers move ahead with the development phase. We created the Flashmeet app prototype with all the native data after the client’s review and confirmation of the prototype. The Mobile app developers started their development process by choosing the best-fit technology for android, iOS, and the admin panel. Then, we integrated the API in the Flashmeet mobile app and completed the whole app data flow.

SwissCode app developers used the best fit native technology swift for iOS development and Kotlin for android development and used JSON-based rest API development with Laravel and Codeigniter Framework. We used web3 for calling the smart contracts with the help of solidity. Our app developers had used Magic SDK for passwordless authentication providing secure login. Any existing social networking mobile apps can not provide accurate GPS navigation. Our app developers eliminated that to deliver an exceptional flawless user experience.

The Flashmeet app development journey was full of challenges, from requirement gathering to deployment. However, our dedication and teamwork led us to deliver the solution successfully, as well as within the prescribed timeline & budget. After the development phase, our QA team tested the mobile application before finally delivering it to the client.


1. Auto location PopUp

The primary concern of the Flashmeet mobile application is an auto popup for the nearby location functionality. It was a challenge for us to task as we have to track the live location of the user and also gather the information about the listed business in nearby locations. We achieved that through deep analysis and created our own algorithm to crack that automatic pop-up. Our App Developers worked tirelessly to work on this functionality and developed a solution that can handle the auto popup location functionality perfectly.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements
at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.