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Client Requirements

Our clients wanted to create an online network that individuals could download for free and use to get the greatest bargains around them. Additionally, users can publish their advertisements on this vast network, which provides limitless opportunities for clients, whether they are little businesses or major corporations. Apart from that the client also wanted to run the referral program so that users can earn tokens.


Deals on demand app features


Membership costs $ 5.99 US per year. Terms and conditions apply.

Search for Deals Anywhere

  • Search Categories: broaden your search from local to global. You are not restricted in any way. For example, you can search for everything from local supermarket products to hotel/restaurant pricing in a tropical vacation area.
  • Advertise your business deal for free: The possibilities are unlimited, from a major organization to a home-based business. Text Deals with friends or takes a photo to share.Click on the photo and it will guide you to the location.

Referral Program

Simply referring to this app could earn you a 20-40% commission on the membership charge. You will be given a unique referral code when you sign up to become a member, which you can share. You can earn tokens for each new membership by referring to (sharing) your code. Use your PayPal account to cash in those tokens. For Example, If 5 of your referrals become members, the member will get a token which they can cash on paypal. Annual memberships are non-refundable and automatically renew. If you wish, you can cancel your renewal.

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Admin Panel

Forms and fields relating to the application should be predefined. The admin panel does not allow dynamic manipulation of any fields or text for the application.


The master email and password are used by the administrator to login.

Stylist Management

  • View, add and edit stylist details
  • Active/Inactive stylist details
  • Approve/Unappoved stylist


Here is where the administrator may obtain a summary of the system. total number of active users and total feeds

User Management

  • From the admin panel, the administrator may manage users. They have the ability to prevent clients from using the app.
  • Admin can look for a person by their username and see all of their feeds.

Feed Management

Admin If a user reports a feed, the admin panel will show all of the feeds. The admin has the ability to remove that feed as well.

Manage Category and Tags

The administrator has control over the categories and tags (add, delete).


  • We will supply you with five basic data-driven tabular reports based on your company needs.
  • All reports will be exportable in tabular format in Excel.

Manage Page Content

Content of the following pages can be added, edited, or removed:

  • Who we are
  • Contact Us
  • Contact
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions


The administrator has the ability to logout.

Colors & Typography



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For Customers

Project Approach And Result

Our SwissCode team created the app based on the client’s demands. We produced flowcharts and SRS and created a comprehensive document list that included all of the points and scenarios.

We started working on the design phase after finishing the documentation and diagram process. To work on this, we assigned a designer and a senior UI/UX designer.

We started working on the development phase after the client approved the design. We chose the tech stack for the app and admin panel before beginning development. We deployed Native Technology Swift for iOS programming and Kotlin for Android development, as well as PHP and the Laravel Framework to build a JSON-based rest API development.

Angular 9 was also used by our talented engineers to construct a single admin panel for managing users, webinars, and courses, among other things.

We started the testing and deployment phase after the development phase when we tested all of the app modules and started the deployment process.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements
at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.