– An Internet-of-Things App To Safeguard Your Premise


IoT-based apps have offered us smart systems, whether for convenience or security. One of such IoT apps we will be discussing is the Black Smart Security app. This app provides your home with total security as it offers a smart door lock solution to lock your door, whether it is your home or office. Black smart security app aims to unlock the door with one tap on your smartphone screen. This lock comes with accessories like WiFi Bridge and Keypad. Using this app, you can secure your door from your smartphone no matter where you are. Imagine controlling your door from anywhere with quick and straightforward self-installation. Moreover, this is also compatible with all Euro profile cylinder doors and USA Deadbolts. This is a smart keyless door solution for your smart home.

Client Requirements

Our client required a system where the users don’t have to worry about the door key and lock/unlock by one tap on their smart screen. Moreover, they also don’t have to worry about misplacing the keys because it is an IoT-based lock to be operated by a smart app. Another idea was to allow access to your house to someone while you are away from your home. You don’t need to have spare keys to your house or worry about someone being locked out of the house. Only one tap on the screen, and you can allow anyone in your home while you are not present there. With this unique idea, our client approached SwissCode to create such an innovative app to ease their users.

PCBs We Used,

Lock PCB

Wifi Bridge PCB

Keypad PCB

IoT Enabled Lock Devices

Key Features

This app has multiple access levels for any lock. (Guest, Family, Owner)

Auto unlock doors when you are standing in front of the door.

Invite someone to access the door lock

Time and date-based access

Generate temporary access code to unlock the door using the keypad

Smart and personalized Alerts

Door Azar Notification

Maintain History of door unlock with the person's name


We succeeded in building a lock, WiFi Bridge, and Keypad device.

The lock can communicate over BLE with the mobile app.

The WiFi Bridge connected to the server can communicate with the lock remotely

The keypad is also a BLE-based device that communicates with the door lock device.

We built an SDK for mobile apps to communicate with door locks and other accessory devices.

Moreover, it should be noted that communication between a mobile app, server, and the door lock device is fully encrypted to maintain a secure network.


We faced a few hurdles while developing this smart lock app. We had to look after the communication work over BLE, as there had to be a persistent connection with door locks, and we had to manage various users connected to a single door lock device.

Another task was to look into the auto-unlock feature to detect the lock nearby and if that belongs to the particular person who is nearby. For this, we took the help of Google's geofencing API and other BLE notification services to match the lock with the exact user it belongs to, to auto-unlock the doors.